Français EnglishThe Lazaret Cave is an historic human settlement occupied between 190 000 and 120 000 BC.
Located on the sea border in front of the Port of Nice lighthouse, it is open to the public with some limitations.

As of May 16th 2020, the cave is open to the public with a max 5 pers. attendance and a sound and light show is run every hal hour.


Until Monday 31st August 10h-16h30 (10am - 4:30pm) except on Monday Tuesday
Réouverture de la Grotte du Lazaret
Français EnglishAccess to the cave is limited to 5 pers and a sound and light show is run every 30 minutes.

The Lazaret cave was a human settlement between 190,000 and 120,000 years ago. Theres' a sound and lights show and video run to help the visitor to understand this period of History..

La Grotte du Lazaret. musee, Haut Lieu Touristique - Touristic Highlight. Port de Nice

La Grotte du Lazaret

Musee, Haut Lieu Touristique - Touristic Highlight

10am - 4:30pm

33bis Bd Franck Pilatte
(près Du Port De Nice)

Port de Nice

Tél. 04 89 04 36 00
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